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Rules for a child of 8-12 years old

This agreement is signed between children and adults with the goal of both maintaining peace and love in the family, and for the formation of useful and proper attitudes, values, and family habits.

Responsibilities of the parties: The child seriously accepts obligations to comply with the rules of harmony, development, beauty and order. An adult is no less seriously committed to monitoring family compliance.
The contract is valid until the end of the current year. At the request of the parties, the contract can be quickly extended for any period.
Dispute Resolution Procedure. All disputes are resolved by interested parties in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The decision is made within ten minutes. To resolve disputes, a justice of the peace (Petya), the fairest judge in the world, whose services are paid by the party contacting him, can be called in.
Change in the terms of the contract. The terms of the contract cannot be changed just like that. The parties are obliged to mentally drink tea, respectfully discuss the new conditions and joyfully make changes to the existing agreement. All exceptions – as agreed. These exceptions should bring joy to all participants and be beneficial to our spiritual, mental and physical health.
Signatures of the parties


We are positive suns! Without sour meat. Squeeze no more than 2 minutes 45 seconds a day.
Regal Posture – A Radiant Smile (Venus Game)
Pure speech without parasites.
I wake you up – you smile at me and get up for a minute.
In the morning, quickly wash, brush your teeth, comb your hair, make up the bed. In the evening – a shower.

Daily prayer: a) gratitude, b) repentance c) request
Adults respect. Do not be rude.
In case of disagreement – possible behaviors: a) to obey, silently with love and smile to do; b) constructive dispute (begins with the consent of the partner’s point of view, then we express our position. We discuss the pros and cons, we act).
Not a drop of cold sharp evil. We resolve all issues in a relaxed atmosphere, friendly, do not raise our voices, do not swear.
Do at least 1 good deed per day (help, care, donation, etc.)

Wardrobe – clean items neatly folded, dirty – in the wash.
The desk is in full order, things in the room are laid out in their places until 22.00
The bed should be made up every morning.
Be sure to clean everything after yourself without any reminders.
After eating – clean up after yourself, wash the dishes.
Once a week, cleaning the apartment (what to do – determines the adult)

In the diary, write homework at school. Take home daily.
In order not to forget your business – install a sound reminder on your phone
To study well (without 3 in a quarter), to try.
In lessons and rehearsals, try to do everything that teachers say
TV, internet, comp. games: allowed to watch educational programs. Entertaining – by appointment. How much and what to play / watch – adult decides

One reminder allowed. Further – a fine, namely:

Squat / push up / press
Time Deprivation (hugging / visiting the Temple / society / entertainment)
Fine – 20 rubles
We come up with sanctions for ourselves
If the child was smart all week – at the end of the week he receives a gift (smile, hug, chocolate bar or a bonus). What – an adult decides.

From the editorial board of Psychologist:
First: the contract is real, daughter Katya is 9 years old, her mother is smart and talented. The family atmosphere is warm, everyone loves each other, but I want to tighten discipline.
Second: many have the question, how fair is the contract, which spells out the responsibilities of only one party? In our opinion, everything is fair in this case. In many families, the requirements for children are either too high, or fuzzy and floating, while for what and how the child will be punished, no one knows, and the child cannot warn. The same agreement says that the child needs quite clear and certain things, sanctions are also known, and this makes the situation more clear for the child. Such an agreement can be called an agreement on the boundaries of friendly relations: if a child implements it, parents are obliged to treat him only in a friendly manner, and not as they might imagine. An analogue is the rules of the road: they define the duties of the driver and indicate sanctions for a violation. Fine. This is traffic rules, not a bonded contract between drivers and the state.
If the child suddenly wonders what the responsibilities of the parents are, then this is an easy point: the parents undertake to take care of and educate the child. This is a huge job, there are a lot of very serious points, if you write at least the basic ones, then the job of being a parent will not seem small … Yes?

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