Parenting a girl
How to raise a girl? The question is important and not simple. In the upbringing of the girl there are two lines: the general line and the special line. The…

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Educational activities for kids: successful experience
Here are the daily activities that I developed for my daughter Katya when she was about two years old. The classes turned out to be fascinating both for Katya and…

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Slow baby: recommendations for parents
Some children do everything very slowly. Is this good or bad? The good thing is that usually such children are distinguished by thoroughness and accuracy. If he did, he did,…

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Anne explained

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I don’t want to punish. What could be instead of punishment?

Normal parents do not like to punish their own children. Somehow stupid: I dreamed about children, I wanted to love, but here I just do what I swear and punish. The question arises: the child is not ugly or is there something to fix in me? Answer: even if “the child is not ugly” (this also happens), you need to start with yourself. So, if the child is not an angel and deserves punishment regularly, what can be in the arsenal of the parent, except for

First: you can talk with children
Children, especially when they are very upset, do not always understand the conversation in a good way, but, on the other hand, if they are only punished and not talked to, they will never understand normal conversations. No matter how angry you are at the child, no matter how unusual (suddenly!) It is for you, you need to talk with the children! Normal relations with people, relationships without screaming and cursing, children learn in their family. Story: Continue reading

How to teach children to respond to trouble in an adult way?

Unpleasant events also happen in children: they fell, lost, hurt, broke … How important it is in such situations to timely translate the child’s behavior in a positive and constructive way! It is important to understand that the reaction of children is not primarily determined by the situation itself, but by a model of behavior from adults. If adults themselves in such cases swear, get upset, and worry, the children begin to repeat after them.
Our guest is a young mother with a two-year-old baby. The child jumps on the couch, but falls and
hits. He cries, his mother tells him: “Wow, what a bad sofa! Why did you hit our Pasha? We will beat you for it!” – and the sofa knocks, inviting Pasha to this. Pasha willingly joins. Now he knows what to do when he is ill. To feel better at heart, you need to start to beat … This witty hint to the child gives the mother.

Child experiences are simply a bad habit that they have adopted from adults. Smart and funny parents can very well teach their children not to cry or get upset in trouble, but to react in an adult way: in a positive and constructive way. Continue reading

How to love your teenager


This is a very serious book, but helping teenagers in the transitional period of their lives is also a serious and difficult task, especially in our time. In his book, the author considers the real difficulties that parents face today.

We, adults, were not taught to be parents, therefore, the upbringing of adolescents usually Continue reading

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The baby is crying: is it always necessary to twitch it?
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Why and how to play role-playing games with children 3-7 years old
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What if the child does not hear me?
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My kids on Forbes lists
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