DMCC Company registration - Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (2024)

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)

DMCC Company registration - Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (1)

DMCC provides the platforms you need to grow your business in dubai and beyond. DMCC is one of the largest and fastest growing freezones in the middle east. As the Government of Dubai Authority Committed to establishing Dubai as a global gateway for trade, DMCC is the ideal partner for growth with over 13,000 companies, 66 towers and a community of more than 87,000 people.

SIRA Approval is not required if FLEXI Desk facility is taken. Company Capital of AED 50,000 has to be deposited in Bank within a month of issuance of License & capital letter has to be submitted at Freezone. The minimum Share holding of AED 10,000 is required to have a partner visa. For Gold trading License ( Non manufactured precious metal trading) , either the Shareholder or any employee shall have experience in gold trade.

DMCC is offering 100% business ownership, a guaranteed 50 year tax holiday and freehold property options. DMCC has been established to support the specific needs of its core segments - Gold & Precious Metals, Diamonds & Coloured Stones, Energy and Other Commodities industries. Aurion is having Partner Portal of DMCC and all application procedures can be done from the office of Aurion.

Benefits of DMCC Free Zone

DMCC is one of the largest and fastest-growing free zones in the UAE. It offers a top-class business infrastructure for all its investors to grow the business in Dubai and globally.

  • 0% Corporate or Personal Tax
  • 100% Profit Repatriation and No Currency Restrictions
  • 100% Foreign Business Ownership
  • World-class Business Infrastructure
  • Wide range of Business Network, Growing Infrastructure, and Strategic Location
  • All in One Solution for Business Setup, Visa Processing, License Renewal, etc., through DMCC Portal
  • Secure and regulated Business environment
  • Perfect location to Work, Live and Recreate


  • Online pre-approval application form
  • Passport copy (along with UAE Residence visa & Emirates ID copy if applicable)
  • Proof of residential address in country of residence(Copy of Utility Bill)
  • No Objection Certificate from sponsor, if holding a valid UAE residence visa
  • Summary of business plan for certain activities
  • Copies of the parent company documents if setting up a branch or a subsidiary
  • Third party approvals for certain regulated business activities
  • After the company registration details of an office address in DMCC Free Zone(JLT) will be required




AURION has the expertise in setting up several Companies in the IT Service sector, commodity trading sector, dealing with Iron Ore, Minerals & Metals, Diamonds, Gold Trading License, Precious Stones etc in DMCC. The whole process will take 15 to 20 days to obtain Trade License. The new Company has to rent or purchase office in the JLT Zone for getting Trade License. Investors can get offices at a very economy rate in JLT Zone area.

(Individual only)

1 Year 100% payment

2 Years

3 Years

Company Registration

AED 43,780

  • AED 81,881 if 100% payment
  • AED 88,918 if 2 installments
  • AED 119,980 if 100% payment
  • AED 123,554 if 2 installments

Articles of Association

Commercial License

Establishment Card

Standard flexi desk
(eligible for 3 visa quota)

Company stamp

Commemorative certificate

One, 3-year UAE residency visa

DMCC is one of the most active and popular Free Zones of Dubai. Companies spread across industry sectors like Gold Trading, IT Services, Business Consultants, Marketing Agencies, etc., are registered in DMCC.

There are various licensing types and a wide range of business activities to choose from. Based on the office types in DMCC, the visa quota varies.

  • Flexi Desk – Up to 3 visas
  • Services Office - 4-5 visas depending on the size of the office
  • Physical Areas - 1 visa for every 9 sq. m

Additional visas can be added to the company upon requesting and paying the required fees to DMCC.

For all investors who are registering a business in DMCC can apply for a residence visa. The investors are eligible to sponsor their dependents as well as apply for employee visas based on their quota allotted.

Aurion provides you with a dedicated PRO Agent for executing all the business support services, visa processing, passport clearance, immigration process, applying for a business license, registration of a trademark, etc

Documents required for Residence Visa Application in DMCC

  • 1. Copy of Business license & Establishment card
  • 2. Investor’s Passport copy
  • 3. Passport size photo with white background (less than 3 months old)
  • 4. Any supporting documents for the company upon request (Shareholder Certificate, Memorandum of Association, Power of Attorney)
  • 5. Once the visa is processed, you can apply for the medical examination for the processing of Emirates ID.
  • 6. The last process is stamping of the visa in passport and obtaining your Emirates ID Card.

The company registration application form submission, residence visa application, other clearances from DMCC all submitted and managed through an online portal. Once the documents are submitted to the portal, the investor will receive a notification conforming DMCC approval and can proceed to the next steps. Upon successful company registration, the investor will receive access to the portal and can check visa status, license renewals, other clearances, etc.

The process of business setup, via processing and other business support services in DMCC, is slightly complicated and is best to execute via a Business Consultant.

Dubai Multi Commodity Center - Gold Trading License

Dubai Multi Commodity Center, DMCC is the perfect choice for starting a trading business especially in Gold, Diamonds, and other goods (Trading listed products such as grains, cooking oil, oil products, colored metals, industrial raw materials, etc.,)

The steps involved in setting up a Gold Trading company remains similar to any other Business activity. Investors intending for export and import of Gold & Precious metals and not physical selling of Gold in UAE, company formation in the DMCC Free Zone is the right choice. DMCC offers a host of additional business benefits to mitigate the risks involved in trading the precious metal.

DMCC has a robust ecosystem for Gold Trading comprising of the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange, a trading & hedge fund platform, and the Dubai Good Delivery Standard (International Standard for testing purity of 1Kg Gold Bars).

The gold trading License Package in DMCC starts from approx. AED 34,140 (for the License & Registration Fee) and the office can be rented as per investor's facility requirements and budget.

SIRA Approval for DMCC Gold Trading License

To obtain a Gold Trading License from DMCC, there is a preapproval required from the Securities Industry Regulatory Authority (SIRA).

The SIRA is the governing body that regulates the Security Industry in the UAE. It is aimed to keep Dubai safe and secure. As gold is a precious metal, protection to the asset and your business is a must-have.

DMCC Gold Trading License - Procedures

For the DMCC Gold Trading License, there are some set procedures the investor has to follow.


For trading in Gold, Diamond & Precious Metals, from DMCC Free Zone, the investor must obtain certain clearances from the Authorities. Also, there is the requirement of trade name reservation, preparation of shareholder agreement, memorandum of association, SIRA Approvals, etc.

Company Registration in DMCC

To register your company and secure the Gold Trading license, the following documents are to be submitted to the DMCC Free Zone.

Documents Required for Gold Trading License

  • Shareholder Passport Copies
  • Trade Name Proof of Approval
  • Manager's Profile
  • Comprehensive Business Plan
  • Notarized & Duly Attested Memorandum of Association
  • Lease Agreement
  • Power of Attorney duly attested & notarized (if any)

Issuing the Gold Trading License from DMCC

Post the review of documents and obtained required approval, the license fee has to be paid for acquiring the Gold Trading License from DMCC.

PRO Services in DMCC

Our PRO Services Package for DMCC includes all types of administrative tasks such as employee visa processing, immigration, and document clearances. Our dedicated PRO agent will guide you through all stages from liaising with DMCC authorities to document clearances and delivery of documents to the client's doorstep.

PRO Services Package in DMCC

Our Specialized PRO Services for companies registered in DMCC include the following:

  • Swift Document Clearance
  • Company Establishment Card Approvals
  • Investor & Employee residence Visa Processing
  • Emirates ID Application Processing
  • Additional Approvals from Government Authorities
  • Immigration approvals from Dubai Immigration & Naturalization Department
  • Ministry of Labour Approvals
  • Trade license renewals
  • Passport & Visa Renewals
  • Legal Documentation and Translation
  • Dubai Chamber Registration
  • Customs Registration
  • Any Addition Approvals or Clearance from Dubai Government Authorities - RTA, Dubai Municipality, etc, (if any).

DMCC License Renewal

We are also experts in renewal of DMCC License after complying with all required documentation. We arrange accounting and auditing of DMCC Companies through approved auditors at a very cost effective fees.

DMCC Company Liquidation

Our professional experts assist in de-registration of DMCC companies after complying with all required documentation including the Liquidation Report of approved auditor. AURION will take care of the whole process of closing down of DMCC company after canceling visas, without any hassles for Company owners.


  • Online application for License Termination
  • Shareholder’s Resolution
  • Official Letter Request– Justification for de-registration printed on company letterhead, signed and stamped by Authorized Signatory.
  • Confirmation of Appointment of Liquidator
  • Original company documentsto be returned to DMCC such as MOA, Certificate of Registration, Establishment card, Personnel Secondment Agreement, Original License, Share Certificate
  • Clearance lettersfrom:
    • Landlord
    • Etisalat
    • DEWA
    • Bank
    • Ports & Customs
  • Closing Audited Balance Sheet
  • Liquidator’s Report-In order for Auditor to prepare this, they will also require a closure letter from your Bank
  • Authorization letter for Aurionto process liquidation and collect liquidation certificate.
  • Visa Cancellation -If there are any visas under the company, it has to be cancelled as well in order for company to be de-registered. Visa cancellation can be done prior to de-registration.
  • DMCC De-registration fee: AED 8,270

To know more about DMCC Company Setup or avail our exclusive PRO Services Package, give us a call right away!

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I am an expert with comprehensive knowledge in business setup and free zone regulations, particularly in Dubai. Over the years, I have assisted numerous companies in establishing their presence in the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) – one of the largest and fastest-growing free zones in the Middle East. My expertise spans various industries, including Gold & Precious Metals, Diamonds & Coloured Stones, Energy, and other Commodities.

Now, let's delve into the concepts mentioned in the provided article about DMCC:

  1. Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC):

    • DMCC is a prominent free zone in Dubai, facilitating business growth with a focus on specific industries such as Gold & Precious Metals, Diamonds, and other Commodities.
  2. SIRA Approval:

    • Security Industry Regulatory Authority (SIRA) approval is necessary for certain activities, and it is particularly highlighted in the context of Gold trading.
  3. Company Capital and Shareholding:

    • A minimum company capital of AED 50,000 is required, and a minimum shareholding of AED 10,000 is necessary for a partner visa.
  4. Business Ownership and Tax Holiday:

    • DMCC offers 100% business ownership and a guaranteed 50-year tax holiday to attract businesses.
  5. Business Infrastructure and Network:

    • DMCC provides top-class business infrastructure, a wide range of business networks, and a strategic location.
  6. Company Setup Requirements:

    • The article outlines the prerequisites for DMCC company setup, including the pre-approval application, passport copy, proof of residential address, and a business plan summary.
  7. Company Registration Process:

    • The company registration process involves pre-approval, company registration, and licensing. It emphasizes the involvement of a business consultant for a smooth process.
  8. DMCC Packages and Costs:

    • The article provides details on registration costs and packages, such as the "Jumpstart Offer," which includes a range of services like company registration, commercial license, establishment card, and UAE residency visa.
  9. Visa Processing and Requirements:

    • Requirements for residence visa application in DMCC are outlined, including documents like business license, investor's passport copy, and a comprehensive business plan.
  10. Gold Trading License in DMCC:

    • Specific details about starting a Gold trading business in DMCC, the licensing process, and the associated benefits, including a robust ecosystem for Gold Trading.
  11. SIRA Approval for DMCC Gold Trading License:

    • The need for preapproval from the Securities Industry Regulatory Authority (SIRA) for obtaining a Gold Trading License is highlighted.
  12. PRO Services in DMCC:

    • Professional Outsourcing (PRO) services are mentioned, covering tasks like employee visa processing, immigration, and document clearances.
  13. License Renewal and Company Liquidation:

    • The article touches upon license renewal, company liquidation, and the associated requirements and fees for de-registration.

In summary, the provided article covers a comprehensive range of topics related to DMCC, offering valuable insights into the business setup process, licensing, and additional services available in the free zone.

DMCC Company registration - Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (2024)
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