PS5 | Bruce Lee vs. Plus-Size Jock Amelia (EA Sports UFC 4) (2023)


PS5 | Bruce Lee vs. Plus-Size Jock Amelia (EA Sports UFC 4)

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Bruce Lee was a Hong Kong and American actor, filmmaker, martial artist, martial arts instructor, philosopher and founder of martial arts Jeet Kune Do, one of the styles of wushu or kung fu. Lee was the son of the Cantonese opera star Lee Hoy-chuen. According to commentators, critics, the media, and other martial artists, he is considered one of the most influential martial artists of all time and an icon of 20th-century pop culture. He is often credited with helping to change the way Asian people are represented. in american films.

In April 2014, Lee was named a character in the EA Sports UFC video game and can be played in several weight categories.

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Foreign boxer as has come into this division in some time DC.

And if we get a kickboxing match tonight, he ain't losing, he is a championship level, kickboxer, a guy that can stand in the pocket and trade and kick and punch with anyone he's constantly throwing things from as close as you can get he's comfortable throwing leg kicks.

He will drive these into your body, but it's, the aggressiveness and the ability and willingness to stand in the pocketed trade that makes him, truly, truly special.


Think that is what Fox the high level.

Yeah, everyone else.

He understands distance as well as any striker in this division, of course, that is a byproduct of a lifetime of repetitions in the kickboxing space, I fear, not the man who has practiced 10 000 kicks once but I fear.

The man who has practiced one, kick, ten thousand times enter Bruce, Lee, I mean, that's Bruce Lee in a nutshell over and over and over.

He did the same thing.

And it shows in the technique because there's, no wasted energy, there's, no wasted movements.

Everything he does.

He does with a purpose.

He goes in there with an idea of what he's trying to accomplish, and he gets it done Bruce Lee is the absolute best Bruce Lee is the man his grappling his takedown defense figure to be tested here tonight.

But there aren't that many guys who are going to want to stand and trade on a napkin in the center of the octagon with the great Bruce Lee.

No, if you're fighting Bruce, Lee, you're shooting for takedowns right away.

And now our tail of the tape for This, heavyweight fight, four years apart with some differences in height and a similar reach all right now for the official introductions.

We go to the veteran voice of the Octagon Bruce Buffer, ladies and gentlemen.

This is uh.

And when the action begins a referee in charge Eve loving.

And now this is the moment UFC fans around the world have been waiting for live from the sold out Bell Center in Montreal Quebec Canada, heavyweight division fighting out of the blue Corner.

This man is a kickboxer making his professional debut here tonight, he's down, six feet tall, weighing in at 155 pounds.

And now finish his opponent fighting out of the right corner.

This man is a mixed martial artist making his professional debut here tonight, he's damaged, five feet, seven inches tall, weigh again, at 145 pounds, fighting out of Los, Angeles, California, leave.


Thank yourself.

At all time.

We'll be my command at all time.

If you want to touch love, do it now? Go back ready? Well, the tension is palpable as this fight gets underway.

And it'd be interesting to see how this matchup plays out definite Striker on one side against another guy who can really do it all.

And in those situations normally, the guy that's more roll-rounded will be the one that will find success I want to see how this plays out look at him working at trying to shut the liver down.

Well, perhaps a side of things to come as he lands.

A kick there, nice, kick landed, unable to connect with the right hand back into his position.

This is where he has done a ton of good work.

Here punch punch punch to the Head from the clinch big off punch land.

Now he gets back to rain.

Another shot lands upstairs and take more of these leg kicks, you will not be able to be very active on your feet.

Lunges forward with a left there, good series of strikes by him.

There, great job of mixing it up staying active, keeping busy doing great work, big plus lands over the top how's.

He gonna follow this one up.

Oh man, look at that picture.

Perfect got to the leg got his position, got another beautiful takedown.

Well, there are a few things more fun to watch in mixed martial arts than these type of Transitions and scrambles on the ground.

High level grappling should really be entertaining.

Oh big combination of ground and pound strikes here in DC.

This could be the beginning of the end.

I mean, you got to be very careful when you take these big round and pound Stripes, you need to control posture on the bottom.

And if you're the top guys finish continue to gain posture and rain down, big strikes in your opponent ground and pound by him.

Here he told us on Thursday.

He needed to be more effective in these situations certainly effective tonight.

Many people have gone away from this style of fighting.

This man has embraced it.

And you are seeing why he's one of the best that we've seen do it in a long time, oh he's got the ground and pound going now good solid strike on the ground they're, putting him in exactly the positions.

He needs to be in right now, he's able to relax here.

And he understands being a veteran of so many fights that as long as he's on top he's winning, he feels like he's winning here.

Man, this is some serious grounded pound here, DC he's, not just staying busy for the sake of staying busy.

These strikes are doing damn.

Oh, yeah.

No pity.

Pass to this guy, this guy's trying to land and he's trying to land effective strikes volume, strikes continue to rain down.

His opponents pretty helpless he's been heard, he's been battered and defeat.

And now this guy's trying to find the right time to land the strike that is the fight what's up, I love watching this guy move on the ground.

Another nice transition there, such a high level Grappler.

You don't see that very often all right working inside the closed guard.

Now this is no safe place against this opponent.

Oh lands, a stiff punch.

There nice connection.

Oh nice, land body, very nice, paid dividends.

The longer the fight goes back and forth.

We go trying to hammer that big flag, he's in trouble.

He's hurt man.

He doesn't know if he's in the gallery go get him, knock him out the fight's done Landing, 30 seconds to go here.

Big Shots exchanged in the pocket.


Look at him by The Shins with the straight nice job there by Lee, just misses there with the left lead hooked by Luke mixes it up nicely in terms of staying heavy and also staying active all right.

So there's the end of the round.

And the tide has officially turned a huge head strike to stun his opponent to see which corner can adjust here moving forward.

I mean, they've got to be celebrated.

They've got to be happy everything's working.

But the other side has to be concerned.

They have to figure something out make some sort of adjustment to try to change the tide of this fight, fine if you're still here right now.

This next round are you ready? You ready all right, round, two, ooh, head, kick lands.

First, punched by lead just misses with the straight line over and over.

He Landing big body, kick continues to mix it up going to the Head mixing in some body shots with me people like it able to check the high kick look at the whip action that comes from him throwing that kick strike to the body really starting to connect on a lot of shots to the midsection.

And these will take their toll as this fight goes into the ladder.

Rounds all right.

He'll engage.

He is a master in transition there.

Finally load up there on that high kick that was a funny leg, kick it's, very tricky.

When you close that body kit.

So he's really starting to put together some significant body shots here.

These are gonna take their toll as this fight goes on he's, throwing every part of himself into these big leg, kicks let's.

Look at him with his hip into that kick what a tricky? Well, he is at his kickboxing best tonight.

Another nice, good series of kicks by him there, I mean, the kicks are coming and bunches normally at the hands tonight, he's, going kick after kick after kick, and they separate nice counter shot there, oh, big, kick Lance.

Plush cover let's.

Go police.

Head, kick is blocked no damage there Clint.

And they separate well.

His Corner was pretty urgent after round one a little bit lackluster there in that opening round.

He certainly picked up the pace here.

And as a result, he has taken control of this second round, nice connection with a punch.

There it's hard to recall time to pass that his boxing.

Look for this shot.

Never look this.

Good it's, a beautiful fast, quick jab with Beat It while he has certainly found the range and staying pretty busy here he's being busy, but it's also the timing and the accuracy that's, allowing him to land.

So many attacks switching stances here.

Oh, huge block just misses with the right big, head, kick the top, oh and he lands.

He had another strike to the body pinpoint placement right underneath the elbow.

Take those kids gonna shut your body off stuff to take down there.

How good is his takedown defense all right lands.

A kick there, pretty well done really good actors.

He Landing that kick nice job with that follow-up shot as well continues to mix it up going to the Head mixing in some body shots and mixing it up beautifully back to the jab.

Now, no good boy lands.

Another strike to the body.

He just continues to punish his opponent's midsection here in this round, powerful leg, kick lands.

Oh and he caught.

The kick all right, 20 seconds to go in the ref and just inches away from land in one of those big right hands.

Oh, nice, jab by him there and I.

Guess on the other side offense going to ahead keeps getting snapped back like a business every time he tries to move forward and use his own offense.

The jab is stopping him in his tracks.

He's doing a great job of fighting behind him.

Youtube kids hands up, keep moving your head, keep moving your feet.


Those angles and let's, take a look back at some of the highlights from those previous five minutes, DC and uh, no padding, no glove on that foot, no glove, no padding and look at the hip action.

When he throws those kicks he's, not only kicking just for field, he's really trying to damage his opponent.

And as the fight goes longer, you will start to see it taking effect all right.

So after he landed a high number of kicks in the previous round, we'll, see if he can keep it going here as our next round gets under here.

He should stay the course, he's so educated with his legs and his feet that he's given his opponent, a very difficult time, trying to anticipate what's coming his way.

Well, he hasn't really showed any signs of slowing down tonight.

He continues to connect on a high volume of strikes here.

Watch Land and just misses with that big right hand.

Oh, nice, right.


Look at him, chopping the wood, chop the woods effective punch there by Lee, oh, continuing to work the body to great effect.

Look at how he turns his hip into that leg, fish a single collar tie hook attempt now blocked, though by Lee, yeah, he's, mixing it all up well, it's one thing to have like this another thing to use it.

And he does it as well as anyone nice, kick there by Lee liver, kick on.

He connects with a punch there DC, you gotta like what you're seeing, though I mean, the speed at which he throws that's crazy, trying to kick the leg out a big leg, kick land.

Well, you've got to admire the urgency here.

He is trying to keep the judges out of it.

Lighten up his opponent left and right.

Look at how he turned his hip over when he throws that kick, you don't really stand after you take a head, kick like this either be on his feet right now, he's in trouble he's getting it up serve him up.

Go get him what a fight misses with the left hook.

Both guys really throwing with authority, Big Chic lands.

Another powerful, kick there, a lot of volume with the feet tonight for him, it's unbelievable to watch somebody make the kicking the base of their fighting style.

He has shown us that it's possible.

Oh, blocks the shot, a little single collar tie there, a nice body, nice movement.

Punch nice leg, kick land.

He's hurt bad to the feet check nicely by Lee.

She has a commitment to kicking tonight.

And it shows big Powers.

This might be the biggest shot of this entire fight.

He lands a faster way to put his opponent on Broad blue Lane.

Oh, he gets the takedown late in the round here by close guard.

Now you've got to be careful, though he's got a lot of submissions off his back.

Well, he gets up again here, but he looks hurt.

Look at him.

Look at how powerful the opponent is though still standing still in their fight.

Well, I'm, not sure the extent to which he has recovered.

But we do see the end of the round D.C talk us through the replay.

Well, he's a tough guy, he's going to make it to the stool he's going to survive unless you put him completely out of there, unfortunately, he's in there with a guy that does have that ability all right next round is underway.

And if you look at these two guys in between rounds, it looks like they barely broken a sweat.

Both with good resting, heart rate stamina still very high.

And you just have to log the efforts of these guys in training.

Both men certainly noted cardio specialist, but incredible that they would have this much in the tank after 10, plus minutes in flight punches in bunches.

And he hasn't really shown any signs of slowing down here tonight, I'm, not sure how much more his opponent can take straight punch land because he's got his opponent hurt very bad.

And now he lands a combination now goes in and secures.

The takedown bottom fighter trying to control posture, unable to do.

So and now he's in a lot of danger, he's got to grab that head or he's going to get blasters.

Yeah, jumping in to try to get the fifth what a punch.

These kicks looked like it might have been a good one, but it gets blocked huge right hand.

What a fantastic strike to throw at the exact right moment.

He deserves this moment.

Go finish, this fight I caught that kick there Marty closes.

The distance gets the single collar tie just out of range with the big right hand.

Look at the angle of that nice body, kick that's, a big strike, right? There cable ninjas, right there? Wow, it was good night of dead landed, big leg, kick land, back and forth.

We go here looks like he's trying to set up a takedown here.

There's the attempt, oh big, roundhouse attempt, just misses there's, no tell on that leg, kick Lee gets caught with that punch decent right hook attempt, but it's, no good can really limit the mobility of your opponent with those leg kicks well, you're starting to see the damage now bleeding from his cheek.

S, two minutes to go get the turtle.

In that case, oh big left hook.

There he's got to go change that finish down.

Now, oh, my goodness, oh big.

Left every time.

These guys come together.

Man, you just hear the punches and everything Landing hold very powerful, very very explosive, real sneaky body, kick just missed with the left there, big head, kick land.

Great punch landed with so much power all right.

So a good series of kicks by him there.

He has mixed it up beautifully I think on the feet tonight.

He is kicking everywhere tonight, he's doing a fantastic job.

Beautiful, kick, big, lubricant lands under the elbow, big shots being landed on both sides here, oh, what a head, kick s, Big Shot land.

And they shepherd, oh, a nice combination of strikes there in terms of the accuracy, I mean, that's exactly what a coach is looking for that's exactly it's like the guy is hitting Pat, oh, straight, right.

He might be out.

He ate that kick all right.

So a big knockdown for him courtesy of that punch in that round, D.C here's, a replay big moment in the previous round.

They were both fighting very well.

But when he landed this punch right here that sits his opponent down it showed that the power is not equal.

And if he can land, he does have the ability to damage him.

Let him you ready, Fifth and Final.



Punch lands.

Over the top get off.

First timely defense, there huge block for him, beautiful leg, kick throne.

Oh man that cut is nasty.

Serve him up.

Go get him.

His misses are entertained back to the feet he's in trouble.

He's hurt bad.

Well, he's doing a nice job.

Here blocking these shots.

The chin is tucked.

The hands are high good shot, defensively, great job, defensively he's, seeing everything coming, oh and there's a land with the kick.

So certainly a good sign for him there when that's working, you know, he's in for a good night.

He does everything and he's so cold, he's.

So calm in the face, such a big spot Lee gets hit by that kick to the midsection.

You gotta do better defensively.

That is a technique you use to really slow down your opponent big punch land.

The combination lands for him.

It was hard to see a Miss in that sequence he's, put it all together.

I mean, everything is just flowing he's like in the zone.

It's like the basketball hoops it up twice in size.

This guy today is looking at home yet again, they will clinch here huge block there standing, kick there by Lee.

You don't know when that leg keeps coming all right? He engages in a single collar tie here, trying to establish that jab once again, oh man, his leg kicks are outstanding.

And you saw a great example of that just there.

And you see as opponent started to slow down.

He cannot take many of those kicks well done to catch the kick we'll.

See what he can do you can't take minion holes.

You better check out because he's got his opponent hurt very bad.

Oh, straight, right.

Should try to end back to the feet? Oh, big punch land.

Look at how fast the only person he's been busy here off of his back nice offense from the bottom.


These are some excellent ground and pound strikes here, DC there's, an efficiency with which he operates in these situations.

He knows exactly when the control the grappling.

Oh boy, well, he's going to enjoy watching this one back let's.

Take a look at the replay of The Knockout, just a moment.

It was right hand after right hand after right hand.

Finally, he found the one that had been sweet spot that ended his opponent's night versus buffer to wrap it up.

Ladies and gentlemen, referee Levine is called a stop in this contest at three minutes, 44 seconds of round, number five to play the winner while he's smiling near the ear.

And why not after a knockout like that I need to take it to the after party time.

I mean, this is what dreams are made of you dream of The Knockout like this.

And then the party after where you and all your coaches get to celebrate the great handiwork ing for weeks.

I, go home and coaches.

Some things that I know will not fill my needs up, but don't.


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Press ^RT^ after throwing a strike to feint. Feinting also cancels any attacks you are making, which helps if you start to throw a head kick you think you will miss.

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Most fighters have a Single Leg Takedown and a Double Leg Takedown. Both can be performed by holding ^LT^+^X^ or ^Y^. For Clinch Takedowns, see Striking Offense: Clinch.

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