This modular home CABIN is LEGIT! Even has a HUGE basement! Prefab House Tour (2023)


Y’all this amazing modular home/cabin is beautiful and even has a basement!! Hey friends, this is Chance and we have a one of a kind modular home video tour video for you. Be sure to subscribe and like this video if you enjoy please!

This cabin prefab house is filled with all types of beautiful wood and offers so much! The manufacturer for this modular house is in partners with Hilltop Structures where I toured the home. The model for this home is the “Rocky Mountain III.” This home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and has roughly 1,538 square foot(not counting basement). Let me know what you think about the video! I hope you enjoy this mobile home walk through video.

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We have been in the mobile home business for years, and thought why not upload videos about something we can relate to and deal with every day.

We have seen the mobile home business come such a long way. In the old days most people referred to mobile homes as a trailer house. However some of the manufactured homes we carry are far from “trailer houses.”

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Hey, hello, everyone I hope you're.

Having a wonderful day my day just got a little bit better because uh, I just pulled up and got to see this home for the very first time and I'm getting a tour for y'all.

This is the Rocky Mountain.

Three I believe is the model name on this one.


So this is part of Hilltop structures, I, don't know, if y'all remember I come to their place last year.

This is in Cumberland, Furnace, Tennessee, we're, like 30 minutes, uh, west of Nashville Tennessee.

You know what I'm saying that y'all know about Nashville, but anyways, so their office and everything is like right down the road.

This is actually a house that, uh, his daughter, the owner, his daughter had set up, and they kind of show it.

You know, sometimes the people are looking to build this model and so they're letting me tour it to put it here on the channel and plus it'll be on their website and stuff.

But yeah, we're also going to be going to their dealership to video some homes.

So y'all stay tuned for all that.

Yes, it has a basement.

We're gonna check all of that out.

But as you can tell this one here is pretty big with a porch, several mini splits in it and I haven't even been back here, but let's just walk back and see what we got.

Wow, y'all know where I live like you don't really see basements and stuff that much so I really enjoy getting to see that as you can tell this home hasn't been set up too long, but it's beautiful.

They customize it up very nice.

Several bedrooms.

Several bathrooms.

We've got us, uh, I like that it's like that we're gonna We may step out onto that as well come on around here.

We've got us a guard it's getting about that time or I.

Guess, sorry past that time I'm, not gonna try to like I know, much about gardening because I, don't, okay, we'll Circle, we're, gonna Circle back around I'm gonna step on that porch and we're gonna make our way in whoa, all right.

So yeah, let's step on the porch, um I'll, try to get some literature that we'll share, especially at the end I'll talk, a lot about so y'all, stay tuned for all that kind of hopefully be able to give you some dimensions on this particular porch and all the rooms and everything.

But yeah, this is a modular home.

This is built to uh, they can set these homes anywhere in the state of Tennessee.

Now he was telling me they're looking at maybe expanding as well.

So we can keep that in mind and also, and then they have those Park Model Homes over there at their dealership, and they can like ship those pretty much all over so that's, that's.


We have these light fixtures here.

Give you a close-up of our siding, Y'all, Gonna, really enjoy this floor plan and then plus the basement.

Uh, we got a lot to say, let's step in as you can see the last thing see how this hinges right here like this.

This porch will kind of be pulled down.

And this is how when it's transporting everything, yo, don't, forget to share this video subscribe to the notification Bell and drop me a like if you will, thank you so much here we go.

Thank you.



Take just that's all we're, getting we're gonna we're gonna definitely save that for last.


So, yeah, this house is filled with all types of wood, which you've got is kind of what they consider like a white pine.

Here pretty much on your walls.

Let's start out with the living room.

Oh, some beautiful furniture, huge, shout out to to his daughter.

I'm, sorry, I hadn't got to meet her yet, uh, but very thankful.

They allowed me to tour their home and like I said, they're going to be able to use some of this footage to put on their website.

And obviously when they have people that come to their dealership and want to look at this house, they can show them the video and all that so it's kind of good for everybody involved.

And then I get to I get to have it to put on the channel, which is crazy and get to see what y'all is that a good to see what y'all think next up.

Oh, let's, let's step into the kitchen.

I don't know where to go.

Oh man, look at these countertops like I walked in turned the lights on, but I really didn't.

Just do a whole lot of looking around, especially in depth.

These countertops it's gonna be like a lazy, Susan looks like I, really don't want to get off in there, um cabinets.

But I gotta see, yes, it's a lazy, Susan, I.

Also actually just came from another location about 30 minutes from here I got to tour a home that they set up for some customers.

And they were doing something really cool like.

So they had the house setting and then off the back they're like building a whole another station, it's really cool.

It may be on the channel I'll let you know with some text.

But if you haven't seen that video, and it is up telling you telling you telling you, you would really like to see that as well, I think a half to one minute, I know, I kind of gave you a shot, but I want to give you a really close shot.

So you can see that.

And if you notice check out that rope, can you see that rope that we have it kind of comes on around here, I like that.

A lot it's just a very rustic vibes, just uh, like my dad would love this he's, a, you know, cat, big cowboy and uh, you know, kind of say that I am as well, but he's on another level and uh, loves love stuff like this.

So maybe he's watching.

So you got your dining table here, uh.

And you can see they've kind of got this down.

And you can actually pull this up if you needed more chairs.

But they've got it down to kind of give you more walk walk around room through here.

Stainless steel appliances, got the Whirlpool fridge, right here.

I do like these pools on these cabinets it's like I, keep walking away from the kitchen that I end up back y'all are like this guy I'm trying to, oh my goodness.

What what oh is let's do it? Yeah? So I know, this ain't necessarily just a pantry, but I had to throw in the pantry dance because wow, I mean, obviously you've got this area right here, which would be considered a pantry.

But then all of this, you got a electrical outlet there.

You've got your breaker box.

Oh yeah.


Remember, these these door, handles, Let's, uh, let's, see, I don't have taken my shoes off.

But yeah, we can still be here it'd been raining earlier.

So with the with the land kind of going down like that, it makes this porch be up, very high I like that a lot.

I mean, you can step out here.

So peaceful, this is definitely out in some country.

Nice, little fire pit.

They've got you could tell they've got this place set up nice all right.

Let's head back in.

We got a lot more to see.

Okay, we're back in.

We got to start checking out some bedrooms, because we still got to go down there and see that basement.

Yeah, let's see, oh, we got a bath I'll, tell you what let's go to this bedroom? First, we've got us a mini split right here.

We walk into a bedroom.

Yeah, you're gonna see this Pond, just throughout I like, uh, notice that in like all the rooms you got these remotes.

As soon as you walk in, you got a remote here for a mini split.

Oh I've got to give get y'all a close-up of this I like this this trim.

And then the way you have these kind of like built in on top of that looks beautiful all right.

So I'm, not going to go into either closets.

Just because of privacy measures I, don't think I don't want anybody doing that if I tore my house for people to see on YouTube so I'm, not going to do that, but and I'm sure they wouldn't even mind, but let's just we're, just not gonna do that.

Okay, step out of there.

Now, let's take a look at this bathroom.

This is our first bath of the tour.

We got these same countertops in here.

We've got a pocket door going into this bath foreign.

They have a model called The.

Laramie that's got a second level and it's got this shower upstairs on that second level and I talked about it, um.

But like this is not like I, don't know, what is that stuff that you would say like in an RV that's kind of like is it like plexiglass or something I? Don't know? But this is not that.

This is straight glass.

That's like somehow bent I, don't, even know how that's possible, but very very upgraded, very nice walk into here.

So this is like a this is this is like where they the fellas that come in here.

Oh got the study that's cool got you another mini split in here? It's always good.

When you see, you got the good book right here.

Come in here and get you some peace.

I mean, yeah, do a little working out if you need to and I like these vaulted ceilings, a lot all right now.

Let's go down here to the main bedroom.

As we come on down to the main room.

We've got the bay we'll get down there.

But I didn't really show you much of this little like coffee station that you have right here may your coffee, kick in before reality.

It does, oh okay.

I got you, yeah.

So they get this sliding door here that can be shut.

And you know, just in case, you're like potentially looking at getting this house, let me shut that just so you like I, just kind of wondered what that would look like there you go, but I'm gonna leave it open because that's how it was when I came in here.

And this comes in too the main bedroom.


This is a very big bedroom.

You get a lot of space in here foreign.

So behind this door is going to be like a nice storage closet for you.

And then, yep, here is our main bed.

We've got another mini split in here with the vaulted ceilings as well and I'm, not going to go into their closet.

But the doors open so I kind of give you just a quick look.

They have a very uh, put together in there.

If Caitlyn's watching she's like well, the reason are ours isn't is because of you, but which she is correct, but ours definitely doesn't look that good.

We got double sinks in here.

I really like these faucets, same countertops that we've seen throughout the rest of the house and these modular homes.

And what they're building here at Hilltop is just ma'am, it's something that I I haven't toured, really since last year and or I hadn't for sure toured any other there since last year, but I hadn't, really toured anything like this.

Um, not long ago, you know, I toured that one back at home that a guy was setting up.

You know, was kind of along the same lines.

This is their shower tub.

Combo right here very nice.

But obviously it was a lot smaller.

This house is crazy, big I'll have some size of square footage and everything for y'all, especially in the description.

Oh we got that sliding door, make sure you that's kind of got a different slide on it all right? So the only thing we have left to do is head down to that basement.


Now, obviously, you know, if you're gonna set one of these up on a basement, you're gonna have to do most of that yourself, I, really don't know, the ins and outs of that, um, maybe they could depending on where it's going to be set and everything, but I just want to show it to you since this.

One is on a basement kind of show you what that would look like if you did do that just keep all that in mind let's go check it out I, just like when you walk in you look.

And you see all that like I'm like intrigued I'm like what is down there, I love this handrail that you have coming down here.

The steps look, wonderful, I, come down here and I really just looked in here.

I didn't, even look all the way down that direction.

Oh, my gosh.

This is.

This is a huge area.

Hey, I, peed, I, I, check I, see the wakeboard there I like that if y'all don't know, I'll wake board, a little bit I can do, uh a back row.

You know, what I'm saying, that's, all I got though I, really ain't even done one of those in a few years because I'm like 30 something now I don't want to get hurt.

But yeah, there's.

Those doors we kind of look looked at for just a glimpse.

We stepped around back.

Let me turn right here.

So you can see.

Wow, this is probably where I would be most evenings doing something as it looks like the husband kind of does the same I could be wrong.

The wife could be down here.

Just as much very cool.

Look at these beams right here, I like how they were able to put their water heater down here.

That's nice, I got the washer and dryer and everything man y'all share this video will you please share it with someone don't? Forget to subscribe hit notification Bell.

If you haven't and uh drop a like on the video, if you if you will that'll help us out tremendously and stick around I'm going to get into some more information I'll, try to what I'll do is when I go home, I'll, try to gather a lot of stuff for y'all to be able to help you out and uh, hopefully they'll, provide you more information.


So I know, the tour's been extremely long so I'm going to be very brief here.

But I want to talk about some things that I think will really help y'all.

And I know, this has been set on some properties, kind of maybe a little hard to understand, but they do have a dealership.

They have these home set up where you can look at.

And then you kind of, uh, get the home, customize the weight you'd like to do certain things, and they deliver them and set them up and it's Hilltop structures.

You can check out their website, it'll, pop up just a little bit of their website.

But you can check them out to find out all the information.

Uh, all these homes are built in-house, it's, pretty cool.

Well, I wouldn't say, all of them, but most of them they're built there, uh, so it's, pretty awesome it's, not something that I could do a whole lot of so I was grateful to got I got the video some more, uh.

But yeah.

So this has right here is the Rocky Mountain three.

They have a Rocky Mountain too, and they have a Rocky Mountain three.

This is the Rocky Mountain three.

This is the third one.

This is the Trace, but I'll have more information in the description for you.

And then I, just like I said, I recommend checking out their website.

And then we have some links in there.

You can check out if you want to uh, but yeah, I really the next.

The last thing I want to talk about is, oh sorry.

The videos come out, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and, um, okay.

Real brief I.

I've probably got like six or seven locations that I'm gonna be hitting over the next like two three weeks.

So man, y'all just stay tuned to the channel.

There's gonna be some wild stuff that I've never got to tour some brand new models.

And then some manufacturers I've never got to tour, uh, so it's, the next WoW, the next month month or so it's gonna be wild.

But yeah, uh, really I.

Just want to get to some, uh, you know, retail estimated pricing.

Now, this is what they provided me at Hilltop structure, but keep in mind they're only going to cover as far as these modular homes are really going to cover, uh, you know within their area.

Now, the the the park models that I've toured there, and the ones that I have coming, they kind of ship them out or whatever.

So this is what they told me I'm gonna pop it up right here in just a second, but I'll just read what says this price right here.

Uh, obviously, then the foundation is going to be extra, um, that's, just the upstairs part with the mini split and everything, and it obviously doesn't include the back deck.

But it does include the front porch.

So basically your home and, um, yeah, and then everything inside of the home, um, but okay, right here.

Great idea on what this home is going to be going for now.

Let me head out I'm, trying I gotta get this video under 20 minutes, I hope I did so I will see you right back here.

Thursday night, it's gonna be a special tour, something I think every one of you like to see 6, 45, Central, Time, God, bless you all see ya.


What are the differences between prefab and modular homes? ›

Prefab is a general term used for a prefabricated building or building component that is manufactured in a factory prior to its final assembly at the construction site, whereas modular refers to something built or organized in self-contained units—like building blocks.

Are modular cabins worth it? ›

While some people don't think modular homes are as well built as traditional stick-built homes, you can still count on them as a good investment. The particulars of a deal usually won't come down to a home's construction.

Are prefab homes a bad idea? ›

One of the disadvantages of prefabricated houses is that it can be tough to arrange for utilities and other site details. If your site is uneven you'll need to have it leveled.

Why are modular homes typically placed on basements or have crawlspaces? ›

Basement – One of the most frequently asked questions is “Can a modular home be placed on a basement?” The answer is yes, it can be. This option is very popular because it may provide an added space that can be utilized in numerous ways. It can also provide a safe shelter from some stormy weather.

What is the difference between a modular home and a real home? ›

A modular home is like a traditional home, placed on a permanent foundation. The house structure is partially constructed in a factory and shipped to the homeowner's lot. The construction of a modular home must comply with local building codes and standards in the area where the home will be placed.

What is another name for a modular home? ›

The terms "manufactured home," "mobile home," and "modular home" are sometimes used interchangeably, but while they have some features in common, these types of home have more differences than similarities. Modular homes are constructed off-site in segments and assembled on-site on permanent foundations.

What is the foundation for a prefab cabin? ›

A Stone base is the easiest and most cost effective cabin foundation for a non-certified single wide building, a concrete pad is a common foundation as well but either of these are sufficient and will be a great value to the structures lifetime.

Are modular homes safe in storms? ›

Modular Homes Are Permanent Structures

There is a common misconception about modular homes. While some might think these are mobile homes, modular homes are lasting structures with permanent foundations. Modular homes will be safe in minor storms because they are secured to the ground.

Are cabin kits worth it? ›

It offers a great way to save money and build a perfect cabin. Log cabin kits include the building material needed to construct an entire cabin. With the proper planning, you can have a home for under $50,000. And that's definitely worth the price.

What is bad about modular homes? ›

Reselling Problems. Perhaps the biggest con of modular homes is the possible struggle for resale. Both real estate agents and future buyers may be biased against modular homes, even if it's a high-end build, which could lead to a lower resale value than a traditional home of a similar build.

Do prefabricated homes lose value? ›

One of the top questions potential buyers of modular homes have is whether they will lose home value through depreciation. Modular homes do not depreciate; instead, they appraise the same as their traditional counterparts. The best feature of modular homes is that they come with building warranties.

Are prefab homes insulated well? ›

Modular homes are typically insulated to a high standard, often even higher than site-built homes. This is due to the methods used for prefabricated buildings such as SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels).

What type of foundation is best for a modular home? ›

Modular homes are built specifically to be placed on a basement or crawl space foundation, also known as perimeter permanent foundation. It can be a block or poured wall foundation. It cannot be placed on a slab foundation because the home needs to have a way to fasten to the foundation.

Can basements and crawlspaces be insulated? ›

Best Practice: Insulate the crawl space walls, not the ceiling. The best insulation for crawl spaces resists damage from water and moisture, including foam board insulation. Avoid using fiberglass or cellulose insulation in the crawl space.

What is the cheapest foundation for a house? ›

Concrete slab foundations are the most affordable foundation option, as they require minimal excavation and backfilling.

Is modular better than prefab? ›

Real estate experts consider modular units to be better than standard prefabs. The reason for this is that prefab buildings are generally temporary structures assembled from panels and are portable. Schools use these prefabs as temporary classrooms, or corporations use them for additional office spaces.

What is one advantage to a modular home? ›

Pros of modular homes

There are many pros to choosing a modular home construction. They are high-quality, customizable constructions that are more efficient and cost-effective than site-built homes.

Are there benefits to a modular home? ›

They are considered “green,” with features like high-quality air-sealing and energy-efficient appliances and lighting. Another benefit to modular construction is that it creates less waste due to its factory setting. Modular homes can withstand extreme weather. Unlike mobile homes, modular homes are permanent homes.

Is a double wide the same as a manufactured home? ›

A double wide home is another type of manufactured home and isn't built on site. Because of this, a lot of customization options are available. These homes can be moved to anywhere you'd like, consisting of two sections, joined together to create a larger home.

What type of building is modular? ›

Modular construction is a process where a building is constructed offsite using controlled plant conditions before being transported and assembled at a final location. This type of construction can incorporate a range of different building types and floor plans.

What is the new name for mobile homes? ›

The proper term for a mobile home is manufactured home. Terms like a trailer, trailer park, and even mobile home are no longer politically correct, but the public has been slow to adopt the proper term, “manufactured home.”

Is modular construction the same as prefabrication? ›

Prefab is any construction process that does not take place on-site, while modular construction specifically consists of the building of repeated sections called modules being built in the factory and then assembled on site.

What are the cons to building a modular home? ›

The Problems of Modular Homes
  • Foundation Cost. A downside of modular homes is pouring the foundation. ...
  • Payment May Be Required in Full. One of the problems with prefabricated houses is financing. ...
  • Hard to Guarantee Quality. ...
  • Extra Costs. ...
  • Difficult to Make Modifications. ...
  • Customization Issues. ...
  • Hard to Finance. ...
  • Finding Land.
Feb 21, 2022

What is the advantage of prefab? ›

Prefabrication technology has several advantages, such as energy efficiency revision, minimal waste and inspection, efficient construction, work speed, protection, sustainability and quality. As self-supporting ready-made components are used, the need for formwork, shuttering and scaffolding is substantially lowered.

What is the benefit of prefab? ›

With prefab, there is less risk from environmental hazards because staff utilize sub-assembly workflows in factory-like and controlled facilities. Today, engineering, and prefab materials have improved to build assemblies and structures as strong as traditional structures.

Is modular really cheaper? ›

In most cases, modular homes are less expensive than building a house, mainly because there's less labor involved. Builders build the home in a factory and install it on the site when it's mostly built.

What are the three types of modular construction? ›

The 3 Main Types of Modular Construction
  • 2D Panels: Flexible Design and Simple Logistics. Have you ever put together an Ikea bookshelf or other prefab furniture? ...
  • 3D Modules: Increased Productivity and Efficiency. ...
  • Hybrid Modular Construction: the Best of Both Worlds. ...
  • Bringing It All Together.
Nov 16, 2020

What construction type is modular? ›

Modular construction refers to offsite building construction under controlled factory setting conditions. Unlike a “stick-built” structure that is built piece by piece, modular structures are produced in “modules” or separate sections.

Why is modular construction better? ›

Modular construction takes place within controlled factories and with this comes process engineering and quality control procedures. This means materials are used more efficiently compared with on-site construction. Plus, stock control is more predictable and manageable in a factory setting, resulting in less waste.

Why do modular homes lose value? ›

One of the top questions potential buyers of modular homes have is whether they will lose home value through depreciation. Modular homes do not depreciate; instead, they appraise the same as their traditional counterparts. The best feature of modular homes is that they come with building warranties.

What are the negatives of modular architecture? ›

The cons of modular construction

Because modular construction components are prefabricated away from the job site, you have to consider transportation costs and the risk of damage during transport. It only takes one mishap during transportation to cause a significant setback.

How much should I save for a modular home? ›

A modular home typically costs between $180,000 to $360,000 to install, with a national average cost of $270,000. Factors that affect the total cost of a modular home include the home size, style, and brand; the amount of land-clearing required; and the type of foundation installed.

Are modular homes noisy? ›

Acoustics. Acoustics of modular homes is much better than houses traditionally built. In traditional homes, sound propagates through the construction of walls and ceiling. That is why floating floors are often used to suppress noise.

Do modular homes appreciate in value over time? ›

Modular homes appreciate in value, so you will absolutely see a return on your investment in the house in the right market. However, like other types of specialty builds, you'll just have to find the right buyer come time to sell.

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